Ata Sasmaz

Software Engineer
atIBMin Dublin, Ireland

About me

I am a Full Stack Software Engineer on Web Development and focusing specifically on React.js, Angular, Java and .NET.

I live in Dublin, Ireland. I moved to Ireland in 2014 later I started working for IBM Ireland as a software engineer.

I started learning web development when I was 14. I remember I liked it so much that I was going to internet houses, downloading web server apps, mainly LAMP stack coding tutorials and sample projects, having them burned on CD and playing with them offline at home (there was no adsl then, only expensive 56K :)).
I was very lucky, the only thing I did dominated the whole industry rapidly.
And I still do web application development :)

I grew up on beautiful holiday side of west-coast Turkey, in the lovely city called Izmir (see on Google Maps)

I generally like reading books and exercising on my spare time. I feel as I read more books I have more passion to learn and produce.
Well the popular saying goes by "The more you learn you more you understand you know less".

I'd like to think of myself as a problem-solver. I like developing self-sustainable solutions to problems and I like automating things that are time consuming.

I am a minimalist software engineerBeing a minimalistic software engineer enables me to develop applications very rapidly without losing time. Some of the minimalist software engineer thinking are:

  • doing things simple is not simple although doing things complicated is simple. Finding a simple way requires learning the problem we are trying to solve well and thinking about it (both for technical and non-technical problems)
  • striving for achieving the 80% gain by 20% effort (Pareto Principle). Generally 80% of the projects can be done within 20% of the time but trying to make them perfect takes %80 of the time for the remainder 20% gain.
  • Prioritization is a must. There is never enough resource nor time for doing everything. First things first.
  • Good enough is really good enough. Perfection is bad.
  • Write code is for humans, not for computers. Computers understand even 1s and 0s, code should be easily understandable by people.
  • Keep it plain. Layers of layers of complicated code will make life complicated. Its effect goes beyond the Matrix and effects people's personal lives.
  • Find and eliminate distractions. Distractions slow down everything.
  • More can be found on this nice website:
Disclaimer: Opinions expressed herein are my personal and do not represent my employer’s view.
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