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Urgent vs Important Tasks

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Summary: Minimise urgent tasks, try to focus on important tasks.

We are wired to focus on urgent tasks, like incoming phone calls or catching the bus rather than important tasks.
If we give our focus on what's "important" like reading a book, planning on finishing some work rather than "what's urgent" we can have faster progress in our lives.

But.. Here is the problem: Urgent things come first.

The key to achieve more important activities is to suppress urgent activities as much as we can. The less urgent activities we have in our lives, the more we can focus on what's important. There will always be urgent tasks, minimising them is the key.

Please have a look at the interesting Urgent - Important task below.

Also there is a popular saying "when everything is urgent, nothing is". Urgency disrupts the prioritisation for both important tasks and other urgent tasks. I It is impossible to get rid of all urgent tasks, trying to minimise them is very important.

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